Calling all book lovers!

Love to read?  This is the box for you.

First, you'll get either one or two books (you pick which level box you want).  Not just any books, but highly anticipated books vetted by us - Jess & Amanda, certified book lovers.

That's not all, your box will also be filled with reader goodies!  What do we mean?  We're talking book-ish merch like mugs and totes, cozy content like socks and candles, plus little things like pens, pins, bookmarks, and exclusive prints. 

But, wait, isn't this a romance thing?  Yes.  And no.  We're sourcing romance and chick lit, anything with a strong female lead and a happy ending.  Who doesn't love a happy ending?

We've expanded:

When we said "calling ALL book lovers," we meant it!  Have you seen our new boxes?  As of June 2019, you can subscribe to a Let it Bee Kids box or Let it Bee Teens box, in addition to our Let it Bee Love box.  

Need more reasons to sign up?

Reading is proven to help your brain - we all know that - but it's also been shown to make you kinder and more generous.  Of course it amps up your creativity too.  Sign up, and we'll do the work of selecting wonderful new books and sending them to you once a month.  Ta-da!

We don't have any testimonials ... yet.  You'll have to trust us!  Then after you've gotten your box and fallen in love, you can be the one featured here raving about the Let it Bee Books subscription box!!

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